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Brake Cleaner 20 L

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Eazy Gleam Brake Cleaner is a safe and effective blend of solvents that removes all fluid, residues, grease and oil. Our industrial grade brake cleaning fluid can be applied without disassembly and is perfect for treating mechanical linings, drums, shoes, disc pads and discs as well as springs, callipers and clutches. With low surface tension and a high density, Eazy Gleam Brake Cleaner thoroughly penetrates to clean and degrease even the toughest marks. Our product is fast acting and evaporates quickly to minimise rinsing and wiping as well as not leaving behind any residue. As a non-staining and non-corrosive professional brake cleaner, it can be used in mechanic workshops as well as for domestic purposes. Buy our 20L bulk break cleaner today to save time and money!