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Blossom Handsoap 500ml

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Eazy Gleam Blossom Liquid Hand Soap is a gentle formula that leaves your hands clean and feeling fresh. 

With a beautiful, Vanilla Musk fragrance and easy to generate a rich lather, our hand soap removes heavy grime, grease and dirt without the use of coaser grade abrasives. 

As a pH controlled and solvent free commercial soap, our product is suitable where an efficient mild hand soap is specified for regular use with any sensitive skin type. Blossom Liquid Hand Soap is often used in childcare centes and schools, hospitals and aged care facilities as well as food preparation sites. Other applications include all washrooms, hotels, factories and offices. Our 500mL size is perfect for when you need a grab & go option to keep in the caravan, on the boat or just beside the sink. Order yours today and enjoy clean, soft hands without dry or irritated skin.