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GRL Dewaxer Degreaser 20L

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GRL is a specially formulated, heavy-duty degreaser and dewaxer for cars, trucks, and machinery with a slow dry formula and a strong blend of solvents and surfactants to penetrate wax and grease effectively. 

GRL is suitable for a variety of cleaning including the removal of oil & grease from chain lubes & tools, heavy-duty degreasing of engine parts as well as the removal of tar, bitumen, and thick grease without the need for dismantling.

Ideal for use on all maintenance and repair work in automotive workshops and all types of equipment as it won?t damage painted surfaces.

A slow, dry formula enables longer and deeper penetration
Swiftly dissolves oil, grease, brake dust, silicone, and other contaminants with ease
Emulsifying agents rapidly break down oily residue, grease, and sludge
Noncorrosive formulation