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Citrogel 500ml

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Citrogel Hand Cleaner is a superior natural grit based heavy duty hand soap containing high quality citrus oils and a fast working pumice abrasives. Using natural ingredients from oranges and lemons, Citrogel contains no petroleum solvents and does not harm the environment or your hands. Our range of naturally derived products are perfect for heavy-duty cleaning of hardworking hands in mechanical and industrial workshops and mines, on building sites, farms, fishing trawlers and oil rigs.

Citrogel is an effective cleaner ideally suited to removing the heaviest of grease, oil, metal dust, carbon black, coal dust and most industrial soils. Our 500ml bottles are perfect for domestic use and infrequent hand washing or where you need a quality industrial quaity soap to take on the road with you. Protect your hands with Citrogel today and place your order now!