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Barrier Cream 500ml

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With the skin on our hands being like a sponge, they absorb a lot of what we touch. This can be an issue when working with substances such as solvents, chemicals, concrete and certain soils. Eazy Gleam Barrier Cream adds a protective covering to your hands to safeguard you against the contaminating substances you work with. Our product contains natural tea tree oil and also helps your skin retain moisture to prevent drying and cracking. Perfect for painters, mechanics and gardeners, this product is a non-greasy and non-irritating hand cream that can be used under gloves to prevent industrial dermatitis and rough or scaly skin. It also makes cleaning your hands after working much easier and has a long-acting formula that lasts for hours. Our single 500ml bottle of hand cream is perfect for all tradespeople, cleaners and sole traders. Do yourself a favour and start looking after your hands by ordering Eazy Gleam Barrier Cream in today!