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Antibac Air Fresh - Ocean 20L

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Eazy Gleam Antibac is a premium quality, concentrated anti-bacterial air freshener with a pleasant long-lasting fragance to eliminate strong odours. Specially formulated with powerful deodorisers, Antibac neutralises unwelcome smells without leaving any sticky residue on surfaces and floors when sprayed into the air. The Fresh, Ocean fragrance will leave you dreaming of clean air and the open road. Antibac is an essential commercial cleaning product in areas where hygiene and freshness are both important - for example in toilets, aged care facilities, childcare centres, hospitals and many other locations. Our bulk air freshener is a highly concentrated deodorant and can be diluted for use through a sprayer or mopping for maximum economy to reduce cleaning costs. Excellent for use in vehicles, on carpet, in air filters or sprayed in any area or room that needs a freshen up. Antibac is perfect for any domestic or commercial cleaning application, so why not order yours today to save money and eliminate those nasty odours!