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Scraperite Mini Combo Holder - 3+3 Blades COPY

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Now available in pocket sized for extra convenience!

Discover the cutting-edge innovation of Scraperite's unique plastic composite blade technology, offering unparalleled accuracy and efficiency that surpasses traditional metal blades.

With increased leverage and torque at the blade edge and an ergonomic handle, Scraperite's range of specifically engineered General Purpose (GPO) plastic blades and holders are fit for purpose across diverse industries and tasks. 

From tackling stubborn tree sap, tar, and road grime during car detailing, to achieving pristine glass and window surfaces, the blades are effective for the removal of paint splatters, adhesives, and residues from various surfaces, including delicate acrylics and polycarbonates & fit for diverse applications from glass coating & tinting through to engine maintenance.

Delivering exceptional performance you too can experience the difference in safety and effectiveness across applications ranging from sticker removal and sign making to steel surface cleaning and beyond. 

Scraperite Mini Combination Pack is bundled with:
* 1 x Scraperite Tradesman Mini Holder
* 3 x Scraperite General Purpose Curvey(TM) plastic safety scraper blades
* 3 x Scraperite General Purpose Standard Rectangle plastic safety scraper blades