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6" Orange Foam Pad - Plate

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The strong and durable foam buffing pads from Eazy Gleam have a very light cleaning action to improve gloss when putting on the final finishes using liquid waxes and selants like Silkwax. 

With a long service life, the Black Diamond buff pads are designed with professional car detailers and home car enthusiasts in mind. From restoration of paintwork to daily maintenance, this car care product will make your life so much easier and save hours. 

The pad's unique design absorbs the ideal amount of polishing wax on the surface and reduces splashes. Cleaning our foam pads is as easy as using warm water and a gentle detergent then air drying. Designed specifically to reduce excessive friction, heat and reduce pad skipping, our design minimises foam fatigue and extends the product's lifespan. Our foam buffing pads are the ultimate finishing pad so why not pickup a few today and experience the difference of premium auto care goods?

Available with a backing plate or velcro for ease of attachment.