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Black Solvent Trigger

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The Canyon solvent resistant trigger is industrial grade with a high resistance to solvent based chemicals making it the preferred choice of professionals and car enthusiasts the world over. You will find it outlasts many other triggers making it a much more economical choice.

Designed to fit any 28mm neck, the trigger fits snugly in your hand, allowing for comfortable usage for any extended period of time and includes an adjustable nozzle that can dispense a super fine mist or powerful jet of liquid. 

The 225mm tube is fitted with a gauze filter to ensure only product gets through making it perfect for use with Eazy-Gleam's Seal 'n Shine, Brake Cleaner, GRL, Solwipe or any of our other popular solvent based products 

To extend the triggers longevity, we always recommend emptying it of product, followed by spraying water through to completely cleanse all tubing. Do not leave trigger sitting in product when not in use.