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Fastest 5 Car Care Products Racing Out The Door For Your Ride

Fastest 5 Car Care Products Racing Out The Door For Your Ride


When it comes to car care and workshop products, it’s hard to go past the high-quality solutions provided by Eazy Gleam’s leading range. From superior brake cleaners to degreasers and washes, our team carefully produces the finest domestic, commercial and industrial cleaning products to keep your ride looking amazing and performing at its peak as well as ensuring your workplace is spotless.

In this blog, we look at our fast 5 products popular around the country with car enthusiasts that will help you keep ahead of the pack and take the checkered flag!



Pole Position: Brake Cleaner

When it comes to choosing the best brake cleaner, you want one that truly goes the distance, keeping your braking system in pole position. The champion in the field is our Brake Cleaner which is like a pit crew in a bottle, delivering quick, efficient results that help you stay ahead of the pack.

This leading Brake Cleaner is the gold standard because it effectively blasts away brake dust, grease, and grime, ensuring your brakes perform at peak levels leaving components clean and ready for action. Our Brake Cleaner dries quickly without leaving residue, much like a perfectly timed pit stop, getting you back on the road without delays.

For those who push their vehicles to the limit, our Brake Cleaner’s unique formula is a game-changer, offering powerful cleaning action due to its fast-acting solvents which are a key player in maintaining your braking system, helping to prevent those hairpin turns from turning into spinouts. This premium Brake Cleaner ensures your brakes are always ready to respond, giving you the confidence to take the lead every time.

Suitable for use in domestic applications and mechanical workshops, this effective Brake Cleaner comes in a 4L bottle, 20L drum and also in 205L for even more savings.



Coming In Second: Seal ‘N’ Shine

When it comes to car care, finding the right product can make your vehicle look like the champion of the track. Our superior Seal ‘N’ Shine is a front-runner for protection of rubber surfaces, providing a finish that’s as dazzling as a victory lap under the lights.

 A turbo boost for your car's exterior, our cutting-edge Seal ‘N’ Shine delivers an unmatched glossy finish and robust protection for dull-looking rubber surfaces, bumpers, tyres and guards. Application is as smooth as a perfectly executed overtaking maneuver; simply spray on then allow to dry to reveal a gleaming, showroom-ready shine. This amazing Seal ‘N’ Shine is a high-gloss, silicone beautifier engineered to provide enduring protection ensuring your car maintains that first-class look even after navigating the tightest turns and the roughest roads.

For car enthusiasts looking to keep their vehicle in the winner's circle, our Seal ‘N’ Shine is a surefire way to ensure your car's exterior stays in peak condition. Consider it your secret weapon letting your vehicle shine through every lap, turning heads and securing its place in the victory lane.



Taking Third Place: HD4000

When it comes to tackling industrial-strength grime, a robust commercial degreaser is indispensable. Our popular HD4000 stands out as a powerhouse in this arena, delivering superior cleaning performance keeping equipment and workshops spotless.

Our heavy-duty, highly-concentrated degreaser is a unique formulation of wetting agents, surfactants and caustic, capable of handling the toughest grease and oil buildups. The first choice for a broad range of applications ranging from automotive and workshops to engineering, manufacturing and building sites – you can rely on this powerful degreaser to get the job done right the first time. This high-performance degreaser penetrates deeply into surfaces, breaking down stubborn deposits and accumulated soils with the efficiency of a professional-grade solution. HD4000 is amazing at pre-treating oil stains on concrete surfaces and workshop equipment and really shines in cleaning car hoists and around oil changing facilities. It’s like having a dedicated cleanup crew on call, ready to tackle the most challenging messes with ease.

HD4000 is extremely versatile and can be used on a variety of surfaces, from concrete floors to metal machinery for the best results. Dilute it for lighter jobs or use it full strength for heavy-duty tasks. For extra degreasing power mix 1 part HD4000 to 10 parts warm water and use as an engine emersion cleaner or as a workshop floor cleaner. HD4000 degreaser is a powerful solution that works quickly, reducing downtime and keeping equipment and work areas clean and safe.

For businesses needing a reliable, potent solution, HD4000 is the go-to product for car enthusiasts, workshops and more around the country.



In The Race: Super Gold Wash & Wax

For car enthusiasts aiming to maintain a pristine and polished vehicle, Super Gold Wash & Wax stands out as the premier choice. Our innovative product combines the deep-cleaning power of a wash with the long-lasting protection and shine of the highest quality wax, providing the ultimate car care.

Super Gold contains cleaning agents that effectively remove dirt, grime, and road debris without stripping away existing wax layers, making it suitable for regular use. Application is straightforward by simply mixing it with water, and wiping on with a wash mitt or sponge then rinsing off to reveal a stunning, streak-free shine.

The product’s hydrophobic properties ensure water beads up and rolls off surfaces, reducing water spots and making drying quicker and easier to provide ongoing protection against environmental elements.
it’s now even easier to achieve that professional-looking finish at home or in the workshop and keep your car in immaculate condition with Super Gold Wash & Wax.



Coming Home Strong: Rip Off

When it comes to maintaining a clean and fresh-smelling vehicle and workshop, a multipurpose degreaser and cleaner is a must-have. Rip Off Cleaner & Degreaser has a quick break formula and is a standout product in this category, combining powerful cleaning capabilities with the invigorating scent of pine.

Designed to tackle a variety of cleaning challenges, Rip Off is an industrial strength cleaner and degreaser that works its magic on coalescent plate separators and can be applied on concrete floors, driveways, wheels, engines, vinyl, rubber, walls, bench-tops, gelcoat, plastic plus much more. Not only that but it’s great as a pre-spray and spot cleaner on a variety of carpets. An incredibly versatile choice for both residential and commercial use, Rip Off removes grease, grime, and tough stains from surfaces and its robust formula penetrates deeply, breaking down stubborn dirt leaving surfaces sparkling clean.

Rip Off is also an environmentally-friendly non-flammable caustic based formula with a refreshing, clean pine scent that lingers long after cleaning is done, helping to mask unpleasant odours.

Rip Off Cleaner & Degreaser with pine fragrance is an essential cleaning solution for domestic and commercial use and is available in 5L and 20L sizes.


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