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Eazy Gleam Partners with Carl Cox and Clemente Motorsport

Eazy Gleam Partners with Carl Cox and Clemente Motorsport

Sponsoring Michael Clemente in the Shannons Speed Series

At Eazy Gleam, we firmly believe that toys are meant to be played with. Whether you're a child with a playful imagination or an adult with a passion for fine cars, the allure of a fast ride is undeniable. In line with this belief, 2023 saw us partnering with legendary DJ, Carl Cox to proudly sponsor the renowned TCR driver, Michael Clemente, of Clemente Motorsport in the exhilarating Shannons Speed Series.

A Winning Collaboration:

Teaming up with Carl Cox and Clemente Motorsport was a natural decision for Eazy Gleam. The dedication to creating unforgettable experiences and pushing boundaries resonates with our commitment to delivering exceptional products that enhance the performance and appearance of vehicles. 

Clemente Motorsport, led by the talented Michael Clemente, has earned a stellar reputation in the TCR scene for their exceptional skills and unwavering determination. By partnering with them, we strive to contribute to their success and demonstrate our passion for enhancing the performance and aesthetics of racing cars.

As a proud sponsor of Michael, we will be supporting his pursuit of victory throughout the series, cheering him on every step of the way.

Our Commitment to Speed and Adventure:

At Eazy Gleam, we understand that speed and adventure go hand in hand. We strive to provide products that ignite the passion of our customers in showcasing their pride & joy, no matter what form it takes. Our partnership with Carl Cox and Clemente Motorsport not only reinforces our commitment to providing the best products around.

As manufacturers of auto cleaning chemicals, we know that a clean car is a fast car and our shared passion for speed, adventure, and pushing boundaries makes this collaboration an exciting venture for all involved. We look forward to supporting Michael and witnessing his remarkable skills on the track.

Join us in celebrating the thrilling world of motorsports and stay tuned for updates as we cheer on Michael Clemente in his pursuit of victory.