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How to use a clay bar on your car, truck or vehicle?

Eazygleam's Prep Up Cleaning Clay bar is used with Citrus Boost (as a lubricant) to remove any protrusions from your vehicle paint such as; overspray, brake dust, rail dust and industrial pollution.  Simply spray Citrus Boost onto the surface of your vehicle then, glide the bar over the wet area of paint using very little pressure.  f clay bar is sticking, you need to apply more lubricant (Citrus Boost).  Do not press too hard or you could scratch your paint.Continue to glide the clay bar over the surface until the bar glides easily and you no longer feel the contaminants.  Remove the clay lubricant with a microfibre cloth.  When working on the side of your vehicle, be careful not to drop the clay bar as it will pick up contaminants from the ground which could potentially scratch your vehicle.

Once your surface has been prepped with the Prep Up Cleaning Clay, it is then ready to be polished with High Tech Silk Wax.